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About Bespoke-England

Welcome to our website “Bespoke-England”. We have several years of experience in handling English Footwear including London & Northampton’s finest Bootmakers such as John Lobb, Gaziano & Girling, Edward Green and Crockett & Jones. We also have experience in English Antiques including Leather wear, Vintage luggage, Jewelry and Bridle wear.

We have found that our customers are looking for good quality accessories that have been exclusively Made in England. All of our products are both, hand and bench made by highly skilled craftsmen in England chosen by us because of their outstanding craftsmanship, attention to detail and their pride in the finished product. We aim to offer a selection of the finest men’s accessories, which are of the highest standards of quality available today. Emails are answered personally if you wish to contact us with a query or regarding your purchase. If you cannot find the brand you are looking for please contact us.

About Nick Anderson  ( Owner )

Nick Anderson began sourcing shoes from the Northampton Factories for a select clientele on a “Personal Shopping” basis. He quickly realised that this was a popular way for Gentlemen from all corners of the world to buy their shoes; however, it became so popular that he found himself too busy to cope with the demands of more and more clients asking for his services.  He wanted to create a peaceful shopping place which offered the finest shoes and where he would still offer his customer service and expertise so his website was formed. Nick could now buy the stock from the factory and place it for sale on a live website for his clients to look at the shoes and purchase as and when they wanted. The Gaziano & Girling “Made to Order” section on the website offers his clientele the opportunity to create their own tailored shoes for those who want to be more specific about their details. Nick is 45 years old and has had 15 years handling England’s finest shoes. He has a passion for shoes himself and prides himself on his personal service. His Quote is “Diamonds are a Girl’s best friend…Shoes are a Man’s best friend!”