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Gaziano & Girling "Astaire" & "Savoy"

Posted by Nick Anderson on April 17, 2010


I received my first two pairs of shoes today and I am very pleased to say the least. These are two of the finest pairs of shoes I’ve ever seen, certainly my best.

The fit is perfect, the workmanship superb (and they’ll only fit better after a little wearing.) The chiseled waist is so elegant (and really helps give my flat feet not only a nicer look but a lot of comfort.) I am truly, truly impressed.

I can’t wait to get my next two pairs and then to get a couple more pair in the works. I want to receive the others first and check out the colors. Then I definitely plan to order a couple more pairs (in colors like your gorgeous vintage cherry and any number of your brown shades.)

Thanks so much to you and your craftsmen at G&G, Nick. These are lifetime shoes and (trust me on this) probably two of the best looking pairs of shoes that have ever set foot in Chicago

Thanks again,

(Chicago, USA)